Go back, for a moment..
To your child's soul..

Dream again with his eyes..
Find back the beauty and the greatness of his dreams..

A child's dream never fades, it's a moment that you can not steal.
But what is a child's dream ?
Is it to travel the starry night on a centaur’s back ?
To live in a world in peace ?
Where to simply have a friend to tell his deepest secrets ?
Cross silently.. on our side..
The path that leads to a dream..

One of the most magical dream.. that will make you relive your yesteryear’s emotions...

« A visual shock, emotional. 2D luminescent, simple and acrobatic images; an electronic music first soft, then disturbing. The new show of Company Noroc brings out buried emotions deep inside you, like in a child's dream. Not surprising that the designers called it The Children's Dream ... »
8 March 2015 « CHEVAL PRATIQUE »
Time :
9 ' 20
Number of horses :
Number of artists :
Technical constraints :
  Area : 25X20
Lighting : night
Musics :
Nazca : " Ai no fugue "
Kavinsky : " Rampage"
Daft Punk : " The sonof flynn"
Supernature : " Variations Overture"
Monolith : " Dance macabre"
Yann TIERSEN ft Claire PICHET : " Break up "