This show is a precursor of a new genre.This same, who, by the power of the artists individualities and their collective strength, have the power to escape from the slick.


For that , let’s create our own wings, shape our body, let our energies and our greatness flow. In order to create the final assemblage.Artists, take your

« feathers »,draw yourselves and give that smile it needs so much.

Behind every expression hides an emotion. Behind each person hides a story.
Behind each form a message.
Taming the other one is not easy.

Because our survival instinct always takes over.
But to engrave the ephemeral, the trust and the need of the other must be imposed like a tree to a bird.

Each outstretched hand is a branch to land.

- The black Eagle.

(Jacques Ferrari)

Time :
8 ' 35
Number of horses :
Number of artists :
8 à 9
Technical constraints :
Area : 25X30
Lighting : day and night
Musics :
JULES FIELD : " En-Vol " (version longue)