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A New Approach For


  • Discovery Courses and Club Levels

The multi-disciplines offered by our sport is a major asset that will help children in their motor development and their bodily awakening.


Adolescents or adults who want to progress or try out around equestrian vaulting can also find themselves in this type of courses, access to discovery and / or global development for this discipline. 

Depending on your age and your level, we will help you achieve your personal goals.

  • Amateur and International Level Courses

" Every athlete has his own physical and psychological potential. "

We propose you a new concept of courses that is an individualized approach to the person.

To develop your qualities and aim for a good performance, we have to work from the fact that no one is equal : everyone is different due to their age, maturity, experience, level and natural facilities.

Indeed, individualization of training is very important and is more effective for the sporty one.


To make this clinic useful in the long term, it would be possible to record the session,  a debriefing will be propose to give you some training tips (exercices...) and new goals to reach.

To optimize your COURSES

we will ask you your main objective for the course:

  • Physical and gymnastic improvement on the floor (muscle strengthening exercises and technical exercises oriented and specific for the discipline)

  • Improve your compulsory (statics, dynamics)

  • Improve your freestyle (specific mouvements or sequences, harmony with the horse, composition and artistic)

  • Improve your technical test (technical exercices, connections, artistic)

  • Improvement in dance and body expression (dance lessons oriented for equestrian vaulting, mixing classical and contemporary dance and theater exercise)

  • Something else...

we will ask you your current competition level, your category and the level you would like to compete for the coming vaulting season. This will help us meet your expectations.

A Team


For A Better


Our clinics are as much as possible an individualized follow-up.​​

All that is thought to provide you with optimum training of high technical and educational quality.

We will guide you according to your level, development orientation and your wish, to the most qualified and / or most suitable coach according to the objectives of each session and the approach you need.

 The Team Members

A new learning concept for equestrian vaulting allowing improvement at every level.

Advice Vaulting, Artistic, Physical Conditioning.

BP Equitation

BP AGFF Métiers de la Forme Mention C et D

World Champion

Individual & Squad

European Champion

Individuel & Team

Jacques Ferrari

For the 18 to 50 Yo

international Championships goal

technical and artistic specialist

Capture d’écran 2021-03-14 à

Advice Vaulting, Artistic, Physical Conditioning.

Stagiaire DE JEPS Equitation

Senior Individual Vice World Champion

Team World Champion

Quentin Jabet

For the 6 to 50 Yo

all level

flexibility and technical specialist


Advice Vaulting, Artistic, Physical Conditioning.

(2éme année )


Team European Champion 

French Champion in Squad 

Noely Thibaudat

For the 6 to 50 Yo 

beginners to 2* level

physical conditioning and dance specialist

Advice Vaulting, Artistic, Physical Conditioning.

DE JEPS Equitation

Senior Individual Bronze World Champion

Team European Champion

Théo Gardies

For the 6 to 50 Yo

all level

freestyle and dance specialist

stage 4
stage 5

If you have questions ?

Merci ! Message envoyé.

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