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  Let's put our weapons down and open our souls to our oldest instincts. Keep in mind that deep in the woods, you must be smaller than oneself.

Let’s sit quietly in the wood’s moisture et laissons-nous recouvrir par la fraicheur « feuillère » des toitures originelles.

Gently stretch your ear to hear through a nascent breath, the brutal celebration of life.

Friends, watchers, do not be afraid. Not a word ... Admire the magic of the forest. Silently watch this primary war whose fatal outcome is the rebirth of a king.

Abandon momentarily yourselves to your primitive’s feelings and keep for the end of the show your bravos and hats because flashes, whistles and slaps of feet could ruin this brief instant.
Animals are secret and instead of trophies, they prefer a discreet fecundity.

Albane-Evacilie SIX
Décember 2013 - The Deer
Time :
9 '
Number of horses :
Number of artists :
Technical constraints :
Area : 20X30
Lighting : day and night
Musics :
Woodkid : " The Deer " et " Tower "
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