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The compagnie Noroc in partnership with Henry Benoit et Jacques Ferrari are now offering you to customize your creation

Through our expertise in the art , we give you the opportunity  to create the music that fits to your expetation.

We will make you benefit from our experience and know-how, to enhance your project.


Company Noroc wants you to discover a new and different approach to Equestrian Shows.

Discover our six original creations, a mix of dance, acrobatics and equestrian art..

You will travel to the depts of your imagination within bewitching and fascinating worlds.

Thrills and emotions are guaranteed in our shows, each one more captivating than the previous.

We also give vaulting demonstrations at equestrian events.







The Compagnie Noroc offers you follow-up or occasional support around equestrian vaulting through personalized training sessions online on internet.


The members from the Team NOROC with many international titles with Jacques Ferrari, Théo Gardies, Noely Thibaudat and Quentin Jabet, will share their experience with you through various workshops that you choose.

(on horseback, barrel, physical and artistic preparation, dance, floor gym)


The aim of Company Noroc is to expand, educate and promote equestrian vaulting through sport and artistic shows in France and abroad.

The company was officially formed by Jacques Ferrari in April 2014.

Jacques Ferrari took it upon himself to gain access to the arts and, in particular, equestrian arts through equestrian vaulting.

To accompany him on this adventure he placed his trust and confidence in his friends, high level vaulters alongside young promising vaulters, new acquaintances and family. He depends heavily on the watchful eye of his peers and equestrian professionals.

"Si au détour d'une étoile vous croisez son chemin, il vous conduira peut-être à voir le mouton dans la caisse en carton et qui sait peut aussi à vous faire " parvenir en un point exceptionnel où la saveur de l'instant baigne tous les contours de la vie intérieure." St Exupéry...

Albane Six


They believe in us

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